The sale starts when the customer says yes.
MegaOptovik is a trading company specializing in large and small wholesale.
For us there are no restrictions in geography and in product specifics, the only reference point for us is demand.
Product groups
The list of areas that we are currently engaged in
  • Food products All types of products, except perishable products, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Cosmetics All cosmetic products without restrictions.
  • Equipment Various industrial metal and woodworking equipment.
  • Building materials Paint and varnish coatings.
  • Clothes Clothing and accessories, including luxury segment.
  • Footwear Shoes and accessories, including luxury segment.
  • Medicine Medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, biologically active additives.
  • Spare parts Accessories for cars and trucks, special equipment.
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LLP "MegaOptovik"
BIN: 170740023156
116 Severnoye Koltso str., Almaty, Kazakhstan